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Top Black-Owned Businesses 2023: National Black Business Month!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Written by Maija Johnson

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the principles of unity and empowerment stand as formidable drivers of growth and progress. At Social B Marketing and Communications, we stand as a proud Black-Owned Business and are attuned to the significance of solidarity and upliftment.

National Black Business Month is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and support Black-Owned Businesses. The ripple effects of supporting Black-Owned Businesses extend far beyond mere transactions. Each individual represents a direct investment in propelling the Black community. Deliberate actions and habits become a conscious contribution to several pillars that shape the destiny of these businesses.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses sparks the creation of employment opportunities, breathing life into economic prosperity within historically marginalized segments. This chain reaction ultimately elevates living standards, nurtures comprehensive prosperity, and fosters the kind of societal transformation that enhances progress.

Our allegiance to Black-Owned Businesses echoes the essence of inclusivity that defines a progressive marketplace. By embracing and uplifting these businesses, we mirror the kaleidoscope of diversity that characterizes our society. The infusion of varied perspectives fosters a vibrant, enriched business landscape, one that not only reflects the mosaic of our world but also capitalizes on its dynamism.

At the heart of this movement are visionary leaders—numerous Black business owners—driven by an unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive transformation. They operate not merely as entrepreneurs but as architects of change, mentors, and wellsprings of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their enterprises encapsulate more than products and services; they are vessels of empowerment, contributing to the greater good and inspiring others to follow suit.

Our Distinguished Black-Owned Clients

At Social B Marketing and Communications, we take immense pride in our collaboration with a distinguished cadre of Black-Owned Businesses that are actively pioneering change across diverse industries all over the world.

FAME Equity Alliance of Washington: FAME-EAW is embarking on a journey to illuminate a brighter trajectory for Seattle's Black community through the provision of affordable housing and strategic community reinvestment. Their advocacy for change is fortified by a communal space that nurtures growth and unity.

Julie Vaucresson – A Vaucresson Family Brand: Julie Vaucresson, the co-owner of Vaucresson Sausage Company, emerges as an embodiment of inspiration as a television persona, cookbook author, and proponent of positive social media engagement. Her unwavering dedication to her family's legacy and the broader community is profoundly commendable.

Dr. Gigi Hamilton: Dr. Gigi, a solution-focused psychotherapist and organizational psychologist, is unswervingly devoted to unearthing individuals' potential and nurturing lives marked by celebration. Her all-encompassing counseling and coaching approach has instigated transformative positive changes in countless individuals, couples, and professionals.

ElevateHer International Ministries: This organization is at the forefront of empowering women through immersive trauma-healing training and experiential learning. Their influence extends beyond borders, impacting lives in the United States, Haiti, Uganda, DR Congo, and Brazil.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon: Tonya Boyd-Cannon's musical odyssey harnesses the inherent healing potency of music. Her journey from contest victories to captivating stage performances exemplifies authenticity, transcending genres to touch hearts.

Casey Ferrand – CFM Media: As a media professional, journalist, writer, and advocate, Casey Ferrand's professional voyage encapsulates the spirit of dismantling barriers. Her work reverberates with empowerment, encouraging aspiring journalists and writers to embrace their distinct voices.

Nakeesa Marie Enterprises: Nakeesa Marie's fervent commitment lies in supporting individuals and small business owners as they pursue their dreams. Through coaching, workshops, and the fostering of invaluable connections, she paves the way for others who may not feel a coach is attainable with tight budgets to actualize their aspirations.

You Matter Counseling is a Black-owned business offering counseling services for middle-aged individuals. Owner Tricia Gordon is a Black Psychologist who is passionate about working with women. She provides an understanding perspective when it comes to dealing with life and its challenges. You Matter Counseling offers tools and support to pivot in difficult situations.

Circle In A Square Counseling: CIAS offers counseling services for families, children, teens, and adults. CIAS owner Juanita Evans, is a Black Licensed Psychologist whose purpose is inclusive counseling and therapy. Her goal is to offer welcoming, inclusive services to those in need.

At Social B Marketing and Communications, we are deeply honored to be integral to this transformative journey, catalyzing positive change within our communities and beyond.


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