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At Social B, we specialize in helping Addiction, Recovery, and Mental Health organizations expand their reach and grow their patient base through campaigns and outreach built by data.

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“Social B is a company built on evidence and results!

Traditional door-to-door and network marketing isn’t enough to get you the clients you need anymore. The behavioral health and recovery treatment industry is growing fast, with competition becoming stiffer and much more tech-savvy. We know firsthand the power of a marketing campaign that consists of both online & offline marketing; without the two, precise data, and a strategy, your marketing efforts are useless.


Everyone has a voice, and everyone has gone digital: your peers, employees, and even your clients. A strong presence on and offline will scale your business, and nobody knows this better than Social B!"

– Nicole Damaris, CEO


Social B's Behavioral Health Marketing provides integrated marketing solutions for behavioral health organizations. Our client-focused, data-driven strategic counsel is the foundation for marketing and outreach programs that drive business success — and we're good at what we do.

Addiction and mental health admit generation or census growth is of paramount importance to your company, as without it, you’re basically out of business. Competition is stiff, and opportunities continue to diminish with more and more startups entering the mental health and recovery market.

Our seasoned and savvy team of 10+ years in the behavioral health marketing area stands ready to help your organization with everything from Outreach Implementation, Admit Generation/Census Growth, PR, Crisis Communications, and Digital Marketing Management.  

Contact to request a meeting to discuss your organization's needs!

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With a total of 18 years in the marketing and behavioral health industries, it only made sense to combine the two things we loved most; helping businesses scale and helping those struggling with addiction or living with mental illness discovery organizations where they can receive the help and care they need.   

We, like most people, have been impacted personally by addiction, mental illness, and oftentimes both. We have uncles and brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends in recovery, some with several years to decades clean, and others trying to live happy, healthy, active lives while dealing with mental illnesses they still quite don’t understand. The “not understanding” part is one of the reasons we really wanted to do this work.


At Social B, we want to help those seeking treatment receive the best care from organizations that do great work, care about the client, and genuinely want to see them recover; to these organizations, clients are more than just a number, a bed, or billable service - they are beings who deserve a chance to be the best version of themselves, for themselves, and for their families. Then, of course, there’s the business side of things; we know that behavioral health treatment services are needed badly, and with that, more and more agencies are opening or expanding, regardless if they are reasonable, safe, or ethical. We want to help the good ones grow, and that's you!

We know firsthand the complexities and obstacles professionals in the BH world endure as they market their practice. We’ve put in the time, did the research, and done the work! We have everything you need to market and position your organization as a preferred provider.

All that’s left for you to do, is the treatment part!  



We'll work with you to establish or expand your marketing strategy, which will lead to exposure, sales, and consistent engagement.

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