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With over 20+ years of experience, the Social B team works diligently and closely with each of our clients, enabling us to adapt quickly to their business environment, emerging trends, and industry developments.​

Social B Marketing Communications is a 360 Marketing, Branding, and PR Agency that fuses the traditions of public relations with modern strategic communications practices. You deserve more than posts and social management; we work with your team to develop compelling and authentic marketing strategies that gain attention through the press, marketing, advertising, social, content, and events. 

Social B is based to help businesses unable to hire an actual in-house marketing department to gain access to a marketing team that could deliver their marketing needs all at the cost of 1 marketing position hire saving businesses time and money! A single individual marketing specialist can not perform the many tasks of what should indeed be a marketing department, and that's why we exist!

We're building something different together...

When working with Social B, you access a broad range of support services — so much more than simple out-of-the-box marketing solutions. Our work is based on your business's most significant pain points; your personal, professional, and financial goals; your brand assessment outcome; and your business market.

We provide solutions to uncover inefficiencies and gaps in your current marketing and business strategy.


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Osiris "Osi" Brizuela 

Operations/Project Manager

Osi graduated from Central Washington University, majoring in Information Technology & Admin Management and a minor in Project Management. Her background includes product management in the tech industry and marketing consulting for small businesses, particularly in the beauty industry.


Her professional interests include project management, social media, marketing, and business development.


She loves beauty, fashion, and makeup—she’s even a licensed cosmetologist! Osi is from the beautiful PNW and enjoys hiking and being outside with her Yorkie, Sol! Her passion for traveling has taken her around the world, and she enjoys learning about new cultures and perspectives. Her favorite places include Prague, Italy, Vietnam, and Mexico!


Alysse N.

Operations/Quality Assurance Manager

Alysse has been with Social B since November 2019. She's currently our Editor & Program Manager. She specializes in writing, editing, social media content, blogging, strategic marketing, podcasting, and planning.


She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Political Science. She has since worked in both agency and non-profit communications roles and on political campaigns.

Alysse lives in Seattle and enjoys podcasts, astrology, cooking, concerts, and spending time with her cat, Muffin, in her free time. 


We'll work together with you to establish or expand your marketing strategy. Leading to exposure, sales, and consistent engagement.

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