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Social B is dedicated to being a part of the solution to providing access to; clean water, education, representation, employment, housing, sustainable food, good health, wellness and hygiene, mental health services, and many other very important basic human needs to those around the world.


Friendly Water for the World - Building one million liters of water security for school children and their families in Matsakha, Kenya. 

The Challenge

In some areas of Africa, there is often no water at home or school or anywhere near home or school. Usually, it is women that leave home, often with their children, and walk to find water for the household.


When they leave to walk for water, they walk an average of 3.7 miles to collect it. Together, women in Sub-Saharan Africa spend 16 million hours a day providing water.

The Program

The Friendly Water for the World Water Security Program is designed to make villages more resilient by creating secure and sustainable local water capacity.

They train communities to build their own water storage using custom-designed and government-approved rainwater catchment tanks. Each tank holds over 6,600 gallons (25,000 liters), is built with locally made curved bricks, and can provide year-round water for people and agriculture.

Social B has partnered with Friendly Water for the World to create and support new clean water projects. The Friendly Water for the World team has been implementing solutions in seven African communities to date. To learn more, check out

Social B donates monthly as an organization to Friendly Water for the World and also donates a portion of every new client's first-month marketing retainer fee.