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Social B was founded to help businesses unable of hiring a true in-house marketing department, gain access to a marketing team that could deliver their marketing needs all at the cost of 1 marketing position hire. Saving business time and money! A single individual marketing specialist can not perform the many tasks of what should truly be a marketing department, and that's why we exist!

Branding & Design

We provide in-depth analysis of your business and story to create the perfect brand, including custom design works, colors, fonts, audience tone, and more.

Social Media

We specialize in common & trending platforms to put you in front of your audience. This includes services such as content creation for posts, TikTok’s, Instagram Reels, engagement, and more.

Content Marketing

We research, strategize, coordinate, write and publish promotional copy. Crafting a wide variety of content pieces, like blog posts, landing pages, advertising copy, white papers, and e-books. 


We curate the right messages, whether it’s on your website, emails, brochures, social post, and more.

Email Marketing

We specialize in crafting email campaigns targeted toward potential and current customers in various stages of the purchasing process. We develop and send content centered on topics like special offers, company newsletters, or product launches to engage and entertain.

Public Relations

We help connect you with the right people, press, media to share your message & story, which provides opportunities for further reach and engagement.

Marcomm Consulting

We work with businesses, from startups to large corporations, to determine how best to engage existing clients and prospective ones, creating plans, strategies, and more.


We work with business owners & teams to better understand the many different marketing functions. Leaving them equipped to take on their marketing efforts internally.

Event Planning & Production

We help coordinate venues, sponsors, vendors, invitations, guests, swag, and more.


Celebrate knowing that throughout the planning & production process your event is in the right hands. We know it's about the experience, and we will make sure your event is unforgettable!

Podcast Production

We help guide you in the podcast process and provide editing services from start to finish.

Digital Marketing

We use a wide variety of online outlets and channels to increase brand awareness, reach additional potential customers and convert more individuals to sales leads. 

Visual Marketing

We use videos, graphics, and images to tell a brand's story and convey its messaging.

Search Engine Marketing

We use search engine optimization best practices to increase the chances that website content appears higher on search engine results. Methods used are paid-search and organic growth strategies to ensure customers easily locate and notice web pages. 

Business Development

We support the growth of your business by creating strategies for growth and partnerships. This includes outreach & connections.

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Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, we will work together to establish or expand your marketing strategy. Leading to exposure, sales, and consistent engagement.

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